10 Photography Tips for Mastering Your Camera Phone

If you’re always taking blurry and underexposed pics with your mobile device, try using some of the tips below to turn your phone into a valuable photography asset. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android smartphone, or even a first-gen camera phone… you can still take some beautiful, winning photographs.

Step 1 Up the Resolution

The higher the resolution, the better. If you have a newer smartphone with a higher quality lens, you’re in good shape. But you can still take good pictures on a lesser quality one.

Most camera phones have a low, medium and high resolution setting (picture quality), so no matter what device you have, make sure the camera is set to the highest resolution possible, otherwise you’ll lose some detail and come out with a muddy image. You may not be able to tell the difference on the phone’s display, but you’ll definitely see the improvements on a computer screen.

Taken with a Sony Ericsson K610i.Image by Marco Welt/Flickr

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