How to Get Landscapes Sharp with Focus Stacking

Focus stack comparison background

A comparison of a 100% crop of the background from two images, one focussed for the foreground (left) and one focussed for the background (right).  Both shot at ISO100, f/8, 2 secs.

Back at home…

Open the two images in Photoshop and create a new file that contains both images as different layers, in the one file (to make life easier, name the layers accordingly, e.g. near, far).

Select both layers and go to Edit > Auto-Align Layers to ensure both images overlay perfectly.  Select the ‘Auto’ option, and deselect the ‘Vignette Removal’ and ‘Geometric Distortion’ options.

Then select Edit > Auto-Blend Layers, and choose ‘Stack Images’, ensuring ’Seamless Tones and Colours’ is selected.

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