15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

    1. So start by setting your camera upon a solid tripod and switching the unit to manual or shutter priority if you are wish. Lower the ISO to 100 (for some DSLRs you may need to access a sub menu to find this value) and dial in a shutter speed of 15 to 20 seconds (this will take some trial and error to find the optimum value). In terms of aperture you are going to want capture a longer depth of field to ensure far off elements within your scene remain in focus so try varying from f9 to f14.
    2. In relation to lenses the faster the better and a healthy wide angle will draw the whole scene in, something like a 12-24mm or a 10.5 fisheye can produce exciting results. However a zoom lens can be of benefit when shooting a city scene to pull in sections of the skyline or play with perspective.
    3. Using an auto white balance may result in lack lustre colours so set your white balance manually or dial in 5500k, as this is the average colour of daylight. It is advisable to shoot in RAW however as you can always alter the WB in processing if needed.
Image by kern.justin

Image by kern.justin

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