12 Bone-Chilling Stories That Will Scare You to Death

We face lots of strange and odd situations in our life, and sometimes we can’t say that they happen by chance.

We are going to tell you 12 mysterious stories involving ordinary people. It’s up to you whether you believe them or not.

  • I was going home by bus when I realized that a strange man was staring at me. I thought angrily, “Why are you looking at me? Do you really think that you’re the only one who can read minds?“ He flinched and ran out at the next stop.
  • I was home alone and decided to take a bath. The door was closed. There was a gap at the bottom of the door. Suddenly I noticed someone’s feet behind the door. I started to splash and tried to think what to do. I decided not to go out. And exactly at that moment, someone knocked on the door. I cried, ”John, is that you? Wash your hands in the kitchen. My mom is going to come home. Give me 20 minutes. I’m almost done.” The feet disappeared. I was sitting in the bathroom for 5 hours before my husband came home. It appeared that the door was locked from the outside, so it was impossible to open it from the inside.
  • I always used to be unlucky, and my girlfriend was very lucky. She had good luck in everything: she won prizes, she found lost things, and so on. Once I was standing and blaming my bad luck when she came up to me, kissed me, and said, “I give you half of my luck!” Yesterday I found $20 dollars, and my boss didn’t notice that I was late. Is she a witch?
  • I used to like occultism, I always tried to find rare books, and I even had a special room with all occult stuff. Once I bought a very old and precious book and took it home. Later that night, strange things started to happen. Books were falling down from shelves, my cat was hissing, and doors were slamming. A raven knocking loudly on my window was the last straw. I wish you’d seen it: a mature man with a cat under his arm running out of his house swearing. I got rid of that book.
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