15 Tourist Spots That Send Chills Down the Spine

If mysterious places, unusual buildings, and ancient legends allure you, then you’ll surely like this list prepared. Paranormal

15. The Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas), Mexico Paranormal


According to legend, a small girl drowned in a canal near the island, and her soul never found peace. Julian Santana Barrera found a doll near the place of the girl’s death and began to compile this eerie collection to appease the child’s spirit. Despite the superstitions surrounding the Island, it’s readily visited by tourists. Paranormal

14. Garden of Bomarzo (Sacro Bosco), Italy Paranormal


The Garden of Bomarzo was built between 1548 and the 1580s for Duke Pier Francesco Orsini. It contains 30 sculptures including Hercules, Aphrodite, and Cerberus as well as the leaning house and gate of the Underworld. After several centuries of oblivion, the park was restored and reopened for visitors in 1954, receiving another name: “Park of the Monsters.” Paranormal

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