Making a Tage Frid-Style Stool: Time to Drill Holes for the Legs


With the seat blank still square and cut to the final length of 16”, mark where the holes will be drilled: in the center front-to-back and 3” in from each side. Make reference lines square to the front of the stool and to the side. (I make reference lines like crazy because you never know when they might come in handy.) woodworking tips and techniques woodworking tricks

Next, make a line at 45 degrees from the front corner on the top of the seat, defining the direction the legs will be pointing. Let’s call this Angle A. With a bevel gauge set at the splay angle, which is 75 degrees, draw a line on the front face of the seat blank at this angle starting at the reference line. Let’s call this Angle B. Because the angles for each leg are opposites of each other, you’ll have to do this set-up for each side. I’ll focus on the right side hole first. woodworking tips and techniques woodworking tricks

Stool seat lines with labels

Make reference lines to help align the seat blank on the drill press table. woodworking tips and techniques woodworking tricks

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